kali van der merwe

b e y o n d  B e y o n d

i n  f i n i t e   a n d   i n f i n i t e s i m a l

Artist: Kali van der Merwe

Curator: Jackie Ruth Murray

Thursday 8th October 18:00

Cameraland 68 Long St Cape Town

parking at Park on Long 55 Hout St


 includes November First Thursdays (5th November)
Exhibition closing  – Saturday 7th November


Opening night includes:

a ‘couch conversation’ exploring plant intelligence and consciousness: common and endangered fynbos flowers and insects.




Kali van der Merwe: Featured Exhibition Artist

George Davis: SANBI Fellow with the CareTakers Biodiversity Film Project

Virginia Mac Kenny: Michaelis School of Art Associate Professor in Painting, art critic, and writer with a special interest in environmental issues

Hanien Conradie: Fine Artist whose work searches for answers to questions around belonging and uniqueness.

Gerhard van Deventer: Environmentalist and educator, Sandberg Fynbos Reserve



Look forward to seeing and interacting with you


 A percentage of sales will be donated to:

Sandberg Fynbos Reserve  - educating youth to be

environmentally responsible global citizens

sponsors of the exhibition include:
ArtLab Fine Art Printing & Scanning 
Out of this Planet Catering


 “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it renders visible.”

Paul Klee - Creative Credo

all rights reserved © Kali van der Merwe

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